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6 Simple Steps for a Healthier Lifestyle

Getting health insurance is all about being best prepared to manage and maintain your health. And while doctor visits and medical care are a large part of that, there are many simple steps you can take to give yourself a healthier lifestyle every day.

It’s true that no one step will keep you from every having to face more serious medical concerns, but creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself could have an impact on keeping your own personal healthcare costs low. In a U.S. Senate Committee panel, health insurance professionals explained that living healthier can help keep healthcare costs low. Making healthy living part of your routine can help you end up in the doctor’s office less and can lower your stress level, allowing you to feel happier. Here are six simple steps you can follow to improve your health.

1. Drink More Water

Water is the building block of all life on earth, so naturally it should also be the building block of a healthier daily routine. For something so simple, water does an incredible amount of good for your body. It aids digestion, flushes toxins, assists weight loss, and delivers oxygen all over your body.

2. Get Active

“Exercise” can be a scary word for some people, but getting active doesn’t mean you have to be pumping iron in the gym or running endlessly on a treadmill. All you need to create a healthier lifestyle is to get up and get active, and that can come in many forms. Yes, going to the gym or joining a workout class is an easy way to get active, but you can also plan activities like attending a dancing class, playing pickup basketball, rock climbing, or just walking for 10,000 steps in a day.

3. Sleep More

Putting more activity in your daily life is good, because it can help you get more of this other crucial healthy living step: getting more sleep. When your body is asleep, it does important maintenance tasks like recharge your mind, reduce inflammation, and repair cells. As difficult as it may be to fit into a busy schedule, getting at least eight hours of sleep a day is incredibly important for your health and well-being.

4. Eat Your Vegetables

There are so many benefits to eating vegetables it’s no wonder so many of them are included in so-called “superfood” lists. Vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals. Plus, they are tremendous for digestion and can help you maximize the nutrients you extract from your food. Incorporating vegetables into your daily diet can have an outsized impact on your well-being.

5. Take Advantage of Supplements

Sometimes it can be difficult to get all the nutrients that help your body in via your diet alone. That is why supplements can be very helpful: taking something like an Omega-3 supplement can give you the healthy fatty acids your body needs.

6. Meditate

Meditation has become increasingly recognized as a very useful practice to de-stress and improve your health. Stress can have a dramatic impact on your physical health: the best way to lower your stress levels and calm your mind is from practicing meditation—ideally between 10 to 20 minutes a day. Giving your mind time to relax can help you better conquer stressful situations and lead to an overall healthier you.

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