How to Choose the Best Auto Insurance Company

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How to Choose the Best Auto Insurance Company

There are a few things to consider when shopping for auto insurance. Beyond just getting pricing and understanding what coverage you’ll need, it’s important to make sure you’re comparing claim satisfaction and customer service support as well. Understanding these additional factors will help you determine which provider will best suit your needs.

Choosing the best auto insurance company for you or your family can seem like a steep hill to climb. Like driving a reliable car with a well-oiled engine and clear fuel filter, preparing yourself when shopping for auto insurance can often make the ascension far less scary. Here are a few tips to ensure a smooth ride.

Choosing the Right Auto Insurance Company

Sometimes Google has all of the answers. But when it comes to auto insurance, is the search engine really telling you all you need to know? When making decisions involving some risk and involvement, it’s best to consult third parties and outside-of-the-box resources for help. 

Understand the Brands

It’s easy to become familiar with the national insurers that are at the forefront of most advertising channels and outlets. But what does being covered by a big company mean to you? Oftentimes coverage from large players comes with reduced rates but can sometimes lack in an individualized customer experience. Smaller companies or even subsidiaries of larger ones provide value in how they are able to interact with their customers on a personal level. 

Get Expert Advice 

As a new insurance shopper/buyer, chances are you’ve seldom interacted with any insurance agents before. Whether it be luck or your impeccable driving, this is new territory. Similar to approaching anything green, it’s helpful to consult those that have been here before. Checking in with local doctors, body shops, and personal injury lawyers to ask which insurers they recommend or say to avoid will give you the upper hand when making your insurance decisions. 

Know How to Negotiate

When it comes to pricing, there is almost always a way to save money. Discounts in the auto insurance industry can often come in the form of anti-lock brakes, low mileage, and age incentives. Be sure to ask the right questions and request a list of all possible discounts to see if you qualify.

Trust the Ratings

If a local business isn’t at your disposal for recommendations, there are several financial and consumer reports that can provide you with the right information quickly and at no cost. From annual studies of auto claims satisfaction to insurer creditworthiness ratings, consulting the resources below is sure to yield relevant results. 

Once there isn’t any more research to be done and you’re ready to make the leap into comparing pricing, InsureYes can help with the next big step through our easy to use quote generator.


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