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Auto Insurance Basics: What to Know

Everyone loves getting a new car. That feeling of exhilaration when you find a new pair of wheels to get you around is one of a kind. But it invariably comes with some extras that are admittedly not as fun. One of those is getting auto insurance. While auto insurance may not have the same thrill as your new car, it is an important factor to consider for any car owner. Here are a few basics you should know.

The Importance of Auto Insurance

It’s impossible to understate how important auto insurance is if you’re an automobile driver. For paying a steady amount every month, you can save thousands in case an accident occurs. The main reason for this is the threat of a major accident. If something happens and your car is totaled you can count on your auto insurance company to help you buy a new one. Without auto insurance, you could be left with a hunk of mangled metal and no other options.

Another reason for auto insurance is the need for personal injury or personal liability. Yes, cars can become damaged or destroyed in accidents, but the threat of bodily harm and medical expenses can loom even larger. Being covered for personal injury or liability means that insurance can help if you injury yourself or others in an accident.

Insurance is also useful should you ever get in an accident with an uninsured driver. Even if your car is damaged significantly in a crash by the fault of another driver, if that driver isn’t insured, you’ll have little recourse to recoup your losses and repair your car.

Your Auto Insurance Choices

When starting your auto insurance search, you’ll have to weigh a number of choices based off your need, means, and driving habits. One of these is determining whether you want to pay more for your premium or deductible. If you have a higher monthly premium, you won’t have to pay quite as much in case an accident occurs. If your premium is low, then your deductible will be a lot higher should you ever get in an accident. Remember that though a low premium seems useful, it could cost you significantly more should you ever deal with a major accident.

It’s also worth considering your driving experience. If you are a first-time driver—or a parent insuring a first-time driver—it’s smart to have really good coverage because there’s more likelihood of some minor accidents occurring.

The Right Auto Insurance for You

Ultimately, selecting auto insurance is all about finding what would be the best fit for you and your budget. You can seek out the lowest rates possible, but this could lead to shortages in coverage at critical times. You shouldn’t be afraid to probe deeply about the limits of your policy when making a purchase. Geography can matter too: try to avoid getting a policy that only covers for your home state. By taking extra time and effort, you can find the policy that works best for you.

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